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Living without regrets

No Regrets

One of the techniques I have created for my clients is called “Deathbed Regrets”. Having each client imagine they are departing from this world earlier than expected is a great way for them to discover their real passion. It may sound like a depressing exercise, but one that can wake you up before getting an unwanted “wake up call”!

Listed below are the most common answers to those who have unfortunately had regrets on their deathbed, oddly enough the regrets are the same from those clients that did the exercise.

Which sadly means we are slowly writing our list of deathbed regrets…

But why be faced with mortality to realise just how wonderful your life can be?

I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me:

This is the most common regret of all. Sadly so many realised this too late; they felt so much resentment towards others and anger towards themselves for making other peoples expectations of them come true.

When my clients visualised their lives as almost over, they could clearly see how many dreams have gone unfulfilled already.

Make a list of dreams that have gone unfulfilled, is it really too late fulfill them?

I wish I had expressed my true feelings more:

Many people suppressed their feelings in order to keep peace with others.

As a result, they settled for a mediocre existence and never became who they were truly capable of becoming.

Many of those developed illnesses relating to bitterness and resentment as a result of suppressing their truth.

Being true to ourselves will always affect others, especially in relationships, they may not like our new found honesty, however in the end it will raise the relationship to a whole new healthier level or it will release the unhealthy relationship from your life. Either way, you win.

I wish that I had let myself be happier:

This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realise until the end that happiness was a choice.  They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits.

The so-called ‘comfort’ of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to themselves, that they were content.

When deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again.

When you are on your deathbed, what others think of you will be a long way from your mind. How wonderful to be able to let go and smile again, long before you are dying.

Life is a choice. It is YOUR life. Choose consciously, choose wisely, choose honestly, choose happiness.

Bucket List:

Make a bucket list today. I don’t mean just going through the motions of writing down a bunch of fanciful, pie-in-the-sky dreams that you never intend to fulfill.  Do not write another wish list, that’s just another list and you probably have too many of those already.

To really make your list you need to go on an emotional journey. You need to feel the feelings you associate with living your dream for real. You need to feel it because that’s where real life actually happens—in your emotional world.

It’s in that moment of intense focus and intention that powerful dreams are made.

Start creating your dream list today and stop making a list of deathbed regrets.

I am offering to one lucky TBW member, one-hour of EFT relationship therapy to the most inspiring bucket list!

Closing date: 21st October

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