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Valentine's day online dating

Toyboy Warehouse – It works!

It works!

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us (and for some, mercifully soon gone!), we thought we’d post something to encourage our ToyboyWarehouse members.

So, we’re alerting you to the fact that this romantic choice works!

You see it all the time in the media, but perhaps think that it can’t happen for you… This is to alert you to the fact that this lifestyle choice really can work, and that it does.

We’re not talking here about the Madonna’s (although who knows… she might be serious…), but about the Sam Taylor -Wood’s, Mariah Carey’s, Eva Mendez’, Joan Collins’.

If you’ve been unaware until now, we have a feedback section on the site. You can see it here. (Scroll down to “Feedback”)

This is where happy couples have let us know that ToyboyWarehouse has proven successful for them!

So, our advice is to remain open minded, open hearted, and hopeful. To steal the catchphrase made famous by the Lottery Fund – it could be you!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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