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Christmas horse
Make sure that amidst the stresses of the day, you make some time for horsing around! (Deer, oh deer, we just couldn’t resist any puns associated with the photo!) We wish all our wonderful users a very Merry Christmas! The Team at TBW  
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Happiness and health
We at ToyboyWarehouse have always said we should be available on the NHS; it would save them a fortune in Prozac! And here’s one reason why: The best thing I have done for myself recently was to join this site. I can’t tell you how life enhancing and even life changing it has been for […]
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Toyboy dating
Here’s another blog post from Toyboy Warehouse’s favourite blogger, and a follow up to Julia’s article, “She’s Turned On!” I bumped into a friend on my local high street recently. I haven’t seen her for a while and we were discussing various social events we had attended in recent weeks. I mentioned a book club […]
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Female orgasm
One cold, wet and windy evening last week, I found myself queueing up in Islington for a talk on Orgasmic Meditation…yes, that combination of words is a bit like Military Intelligence, they don’t sit naturally together. One conveys stillness and the other explosive energy. I was curious to find out more. A few days earlier […]
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Erotic fiction
TBW’s, gbird has written a book! Here’s a synopsis: When I first realised my second marriage was in big trouble I did my best to mend bridges but was stonewalled at every turn. I was in despair and just could not understand it and in order to deal with all the emotions that were rushing […]
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Ladies at Lords
For those of you who don’t know, one day every year, Lords, the temple of cricket in St John’s Wood, allows women in free AND, to encourage the ladies, gives them champagne. This took place recently and a group of friends decided to ignore their complete ignorance of the rules of the game and go […]
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Shout out
#WannaGiveaShoutoutTo Twitter feeds are currently clogged with this trending topic, which is a good platform to give a shout out to something or someone you’ve always wanted to thank for something, but in a more public way than would normally be done. We’ve trawled through them and come up with some of what we consider […]
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Overseas relations
We at TBW HQ have decided the time has come to open the site internationally, and so we now welcome registrations from outside Europe. As this is a new thing, it will take a little time before the site is populated enough for new international users to actually “date”, as it were. In the meantime, […]
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Love affair
A very bright friend of mine had a very good idea a while ago. She prefers the company of  younger men, and noticing there was a gap in the market, and that she wasn’t alone in her preference, decided to start a dating site called Not only did this mean she would have a […]
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