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Twitter feeds are currently clogged with this trending topic, which is a good platform to give a shout out to something or someone you’ve always wanted to thank for something, but in a more public way than would normally be done.

We’ve trawled through them and come up with some of what we consider to be the best:

– all single mums out there working hard to provide their babies everything the world has to offer!

– all the beautiful ladies out there that don’t need no man to keep them happy and have their own money.

– all the lovers that are separated by distance & time. Don’t give up.

– all the RESPONSIBLE FATHERS out there; you guys have my respect.

– anyone who doesn’t give up on their goals, no matter how frustrating that road gets.

– all the people working to prevent sexual violence. Keep up the good work!

– the girls who know what they have to offer is priceless.

– the girls who don’t say or think all guys are the same.

– the people who believed in me and those who didn’t. You’re welcome.

– everyone that remains positive even with all this negativity everywhere.

– all the females that smile in pictures… instead of trying to imitate an angry duck.

– my heart. It’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow still works.

– all the people who stay STRONG even after they have every reason in the world to breakdown.

– the man above for waking me up this morning 🙂

– the girls I’ve hurt, and screwed over. I apologize.

– all the women focused on education and getting her own vs leaching off every man she dates.

– my past for presently making my future brighter.

Who would you give a shout out to, and why?

We at TBW HQ #WannaGiveaShoutoutTo all our fabulous members who contribute to making Toyboy Warehouse the best site out there in this niche! Big thanks!

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