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Real Age Gap Relationships

In the world of the rich and famous, there are many women who are with significantly younger men…

Forty-three-year-old Jennifer Lopez is dating 24-year-old dancer Casper Smart, 42-year-old Mariah Carey is married to 32-year-old rapper Nick Cannon, 37-year-old Eva Mendes might just get engaged to 30-year-old Ryan Gosling and 35-year-old Shakira is expecting a child with 25-year-old football player Gerard Pique. Not to forget Madonna, Sharon Stone, Melanie Sykes, Priscilla Presley – the list goes on.

Sceptics are always very quick to speculate imminent doom when it comes to such unconventional relationships. When Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher — whose 16-year age difference constantly made headlines during the six years of their marriage — finally parted ways in November 2011, page 3 columnists were quick to flash smug smiles.

Before you start imagining the hackneyed scenario of a predatory cougar with a beguiled “toyboy” wrapped around her finger, the “older woman, younger man” trend in celebrity courtship is more than just ephemeral rebounds and affairs. It seems like Hollywood is defying all conventions to show that older women can have successful and long-term relationships with men who are much younger than them.

Shakira, for instance, has been dating Gerard Pique — 10 years her junior—since for the past two years. And after they announced that they are expecting their first child, the couple has been spotted in public looking love-struck and overjoyed. While Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, who have been married for four years, have adorable twin toddlers Morrocan and Monroe, appear content with their lives.

So, let’s be a little less cynical and not always jump to the conclusion that younger men date rich and/ or famous women only for short-term affairs, for “the experience”, or because many of them want to live off their largesse. When it comes to true love, age is just a number!

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