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The secrets behind cougar dating

5 reasons why cougars want younger men

You may or may not appreciate the term ‘cougar’ but it seems that in the US it’s more acceptable than in the UK. It’s a word that Toyboy Warehouse has often felt the need to disassociate with, suggesting predatory or overly-sexual connotations. However, it seems to be a word capable of some change if this alternative is anything to go by.

Here are some reasons why cougar dating is going mainstream.

“From celebrity relationships (Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher) it’s clear that the older-woman-dating-down double standard is starting to disappear. The term “cougar” even surfaced in a T-Mobile commercial. In the following five reasons, you’ll learn from women loving the lifestyle why you should embark on your own May-December (or just September) romance. But do yourself a favor and stick to guys over 21 unless you want to be buying all of the booze.

1. Younger Guys Know How to Live Well on Less

2. Inexperience Equals Eagerness

3. Newer Engine, Better Ride

4. A Mind Is a Terrible Thing To Waste

5. It’s a Vacation for You, No Traveling Required”

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