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The Four Posts You Need To Be a Better Lover

Between the sheets or under the cover, everyone wants to be (or be with) a sexy, better, lover.


But most of today’s sex education comes in the form of porn. With its pneumatic leading ladies (and men wielding equally pneumatically-pumping penises), it’s like trying to learn how to drive a car from watching The Fast and The Furious.


(And gentleman, take it from a lady… we seldom want it fast and furious.)


The best way to learn is with a loving, playful partner who’s open to experimentation. There’s nothing like sharing new adventures together (inside or outside the bedroom) to add a sparkle to any connection. It’s why younger men with cougars work so well.


However, there’s nothing like a bit of bedtime reading to get the inspiration (amongst other things *wink*) flowing.


The five posts you need for better sex tonight:



Your No-BS Guide to Lasting Longer In Bed


You know the line about not wanting it ‘fast and furious’? If you’re too fast and your cougar’s getting furious, this blog post from the always spot-on Dr NerdLove may just turn your fortunes around.


Give her a 30-minute orgasm


What do we want? Orgasms! How long do we want them for? As long as deliriously possible!


3  35 Sexy Places To Touch Your Man


It’s not all about her, of course. A little lust-inducing acupressure wrapped up in a sensual massage? Well, if you insist…


4  How to Be Unforgettable in Bed


Yes, in the good way. As this post explains, being a better lover goes way beyond mere technique. Don’t settle for just being a better lover: challenge yourself to be a Good Man.

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