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Why You Need to Date an Older Woman

Well, maybe a better question to ask might be, “Why Not?”  She’s a Monet, not an Instagram.  She’s a Stradivarius, not an iPod.  She’s an Aston Martin DB5, not a hatchback. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and,  if you’re lucky – VERY lucky, she may just want YOU..  But you might have to be patient and join the queue to find a space in her diary, because she’s got a life of her own, plenty of friends, and a whole host of interests that come from having a full, exciting and independent life.

She’s a real woman. She’s a lady, not a girl. And this lady knows how to flirt, she knows how to dress, she knows exactly what sort of man she wants, and she has subtlety, grace and style – no tattoos, tequila, tacky tangerine tans, tantrums, tears or trash here, she’s all woman, and doesn’t need to advertise her appeal.   You want smart?  Oh boy, she’s smart. She’s got stacks of lifeskills and the sort of sophisticated savvy that only comes with experience.  She won’t settle for second best – she not short of offers and she simply doesn’t need to. And you’d better not offer her less than your best if you want to catch her eye! When you are dating a sophisticated older woman,  life suddenly gets more exciting – she has opinions, she’s read books, maybe seen the world, experienced different cultures. She’ll be happy with her image, she’ll take care of her body but she’s way past neurotically obsessing over things, she knows life is for living and having fun, and she knows how to look after herself.  She may have a professional and challenging career, she may have carved a name for herself in her chosen field, but one thing’s for sure, she’ll be at the top of her game sexually, romantically and  emotionally, and she’ll have a style all of her own –  she knows the time has passed to just follow the herd, she’s 100% her own person, and you might just have to up your game if you’d like to be a part of her life…

Add to that her love of fun and adventure, her intoxicating independence, and a spirited refusal to accept the limits that some people accept as well…just…inevitable – and you’ve got a powerful recipe for passion, fun and excitement, and  the perfect partner to explore and embrace all the best things in life.  So, it’s time to ask YOU –  can you handle this much fun?  And are you up for the challenge? Only the best, the brightest, the boldest  – and buffest !  – need apply

This blog was written by Helena, a freelance creative writer, blogger and poet who currently dates a younger man. Check out more of her work on her blog. Published as part of our 30 Blogs in 30 Days campaign.

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