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Wendy Salisbury on whether she'd recommend dating a toyboy

Wendy: “Would I recommend toyboy dating?”

For our fourth video with successful author and toyboy dater Wendy Salisbury, we ask would you recommend toyboy dating?

Have you been tempted by the elusive world of toyboy and cougar dating? Is it right for you? Well Wendy Salisbury, seasoned toyboy dater, will tell you if this exciting dating scene is for you.

       “Women say to me ‘I don’t know know how you do it’, they don’t actually say I don’t know why you do it because they probably do know”

Dating younger men isn’t as straight forward as you may expect it to be. Whether this is right for you depends on your self-confidence, how empowered you are, and much more. What isn’t up for debate however is flattery, and for Wendy it’s very flattering to be with a younger man who fancies you.



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