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Wendy Salisbury: How I Got into Toyboy Dating

In the first of our weekly video series with successful author Wendy Salisbury, Wendy recounts her journey into toyboy dating.

As an avid toyboy dater Wendy Salisbury has many saucy stories about her various exploits. We start today, however, with the story that started it all.

Recently divorced for a second time, Wendy’s initiation into the toyboy dating happened on a skiing trip at the Alps with her, at the time, 16 year old daughter. Wendy had set eyes on a young man she was hoping to introduce to her daughter. However, a mixture alcohol, an apartment next door and a Conga line lead to a very different night to what Wendy was expecting.

“I was half horrified and half thrilled”

Wendy also tell us what advice she has for her 42 year old self, would she go back and have that first experience again?

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