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Wendy Salisbury

Wendy: “The story of my daughter’s ex”

It’s the seventh episode in our weekly video series with author Wendy Salisbury. In this episode Wendy tells us an exciting story about her daughter, her daughter’s ex and herself. A really saucy tale you can’t miss.

We start this story with a set of fortunate circumstances, including a daughter who’s just went off to university and an ex who had been thrown out by his parents. Where will today’s exciting toyboy story go? You’ll have to watch to find out.

       “So Mark came to stay and it was like, electric”

If you enjoy this toyboy story, make sure to check out Wendy’s other exciting videos. How about the story of how Wendy came to write her memoirs, The Toyboy Diaries? Or how about the story we’ve called “The Mrs. Robinson Next Door”?

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    Christine Oakes

    If I’m honest this doesn’t give for the most inspiring and exciting insight into alternative dating. I would hope most of us on TBW have been here and done this . I think you need to look further than *Mrs Robinson*. That is something that took place in the 70’s. We’ve moved on a bit since then. Theres something called feminism in this country. Please don’t patronise older women this way.