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Wendy Salisbury discussing her novel The Toyboy Diaries

Wendy: “The Toyboy Diaries”

The sixth video in our weekly series features Wendy Salisbury telling us how she came to write the successful “The Toyboy Diaries”

Wendy’s dating life has always been… interesting. It would’ve been a shame if the general public never had a chance to hear these exciting experiences. Luckily Wendy wrote two sets of memoirs called The Toyboy Diaries. She includes various tales of her toyboy dating adventures, as well as her thoughts and feelings throughout. 

       “It was the first book of its type to be written by a woman who was dating younger men”

In this video Wendy explains how she tells the good and the bad in her memoirs, there’s a lot of vulnerability and nothing is glossed over. Hear Wendy tell us the process on writing her fantastic book in today’s video.

The Toyboy Diaries can be purchased here



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