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Victoria Mosley

To Date Younger Men Is In My DNA!

There’s something peculiar about the DNA sequence in my family, there must be, we all date people younger and often date younger men. My mother had a lover 20 years younger than her, my dad’s girlfriend was 30 years younger than him, and no matter where I go I’m only chatted up by younger men. It’s the same gene perhaps that makes me a Creative Artist, the sort that people who “don’t get me” wonder why I don’t get a ‘’proper job’’ and under their breaths I can hear them think, and a “a proper boyfriend”.


What is it that makes me prefer to hang out with my 16 year old son and his friends chatting about music and the pitfalls of being continually mugged in SE London, than hob nob with bankers and accountants? It’s not that I’m not practical and solvent and successful in my own sphere, I am, its just that no matter how I have tried in the past lets face it, I’m different.


I’m in the middle of editing novels, rewriting novels etc so for the moment the days of my rushing out to events, or doing my spoken word gigs where I might meet likely lads are limited. So like a lot of you in this busy mad city or mad crazy world we live in, hours in front of my laptop are relieved by talking online.   Recently I decided to go mainstream online dating and joined shall we call it ‘’’’. This is I am assured the biggest dating site in the UK ,world, the known Universe etc and has galleries and galleries of all kinds of men. I set my limits between 36 and 56 and had a little trawl of the shopping arcade, because lets face it that’s what it is. After a while I was getting winks and emails from all over the UK, all of them from men younger than me (thank goodness) and most of them from exotic looking concoctions of race creed colour. So much the better, I never really go out with English men, except for my ex husband and look where that ended.


The dates when I went on them were alright, nothing earth shattering, but then I don’t really expect that, I’m a writer I like listening to people’s stories and I can usually amuse and put people at their ease. These internet dating stories were whizzier than most. Tales of desperate women buying airplane tickets for men they had never met, Russian ladies wanting violent sex, Persian ladies appearing in thongs and small capes covering their shoulders and nothing else. Think I might stick to good old TBW it seems simpler.


God, all of the shenanigans of  makes me seem incredibly tame, all I want is a lovely boyfriend, over 30 please and preferably without a broken heart.


If you know of one,  send him along, because this woman can’t get away from her DNA.


By Sirensong


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“Vivid scenes of love and action in wartime France ingeniously linked to the present.”

James Buchan who reviews for The Guardian Review

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