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Toyboy Warehouse - Six Cheap Date Ideas

6 Money-Saving Date Ideas

So providing that despite embarrassing yourself and probably drinking too much on that first date, you’ve managed to seal a second rendezvous with your toyboy or cougar. Now is your chance to let your date know the ‘real’ you and not the fumbling, stuttering person that you first came across as.

To help escape those initial awkward moments (one kiss or two?!) you need to be somewhere that’s relaxed, and above all doing something that you both will enjoy. Here are 6 cheap date ideas, that won’t break the bank but can help you perfect the art of toyboy dating.

1) Pack a picnic

Picnicking doesn’t necessarily have to be all ‘Pride and Prejudice’; it can be a great way of being spontaneous and sophisticated, without the pomp. Pack your ghastly picnic rug, stock your hamper up with food to impress and throw in a bottle of wine (but remember glasses to avoid the swigging from a bottle in a swing park scenario). Avoid any food that’s going to be difficult to eat or too over the top- you’re trying to come across as easy going. Pick a nice open space where you’re ideally not going to be disturbed by curious wasps or kwik-cricket playing students. One thing about this cheap date idea though is to have a back-up plan in case of rain. There’s nothing more miserable than eating sodden sandwiches in a steamed up hatchback.

2) Do some Yoga

Yoga is one of those things that so frequently divides opinions, but I can’t see why it isn’t a good idea- especially if you’re not a great talker. Yoga is great for your confidence and, when pairing up, allows for intimate physical contact with your younger man or older woman. Heavy breathing is also legitimate, if not encouraged here. Decide whether you want to don the tight lycra (I’d be cautious about neon) or slip into loose fitting yoga gear- a consideration if you feel your body’s a bit too doughy at the moment. The sensation you’ll get after class will be amazing and your endorphins and libido will soar; feelings that you’ll now begin to associate with your date.

3) Make your own cocktails

Making a cocktail isn’t just reserved for people who drink- there are many great non-alcoholic cocktails waiting to be discovered on this cheap date idea. Most bars offer cocktail making sessions, which is a great way to get creative and discover your date’s favourite tipple. Let them choose the base spirit or flavour for their drink before making them something inspiring! The resulting drink is a great way of gauging what your older woman’s- or younger man’s- character is like. Let’s just hope you don’t get served a blue coloured monstrosity with floating fruit and a curly straw!

Anyone can take someone out for drinks, but you can put an interesting twist on this tired date idea by making the drink yourself; something that is bound to impress.

4) Attend a life drawing class

Creativity is an important part of any relationship at any stage, what’s more, it’s very attractive to see in your date. You don’t have to be an artist by any stretch of the imagination in order to attend a life drawing class. Life drawing is an excellent way of addressing being naked with a partner, without actually having to take your clothes off. You can see how comfortable your toyboy or cougar is with the naked model, and also what areas they tend to veer away from (or focus on) in their drawing. Life drawing can also provide a few giggles during class as well as some fantastic conversation starters after.

5) Visit a stately home

Quintessentially British, walking around a stately home isn’t just reserved for people who watch period dramas- it can be a good fall back if the weather doesn’t permit outdoor walking. But If it is a nice day then you get the best of both worlds. What’s more, you’ll score some instant class points from your date for suggesting this visit. Stately homes are something that are so frequently overlooked. They provide an interesting alternative to a crusty museum and can often be more quiet and secluded. Admission is sometimes a little bit on the expensive side for a cheap date but you can save money by avoiding the inevitably overpriced cream tea.

6) Take a dance class

It’s often said that people who can’t dance are bad in bed. Luckily, like the latter, someone’s dancing capabilities can improve with practice. Open dance classes are available at pretty much every dance school. Skill level is completely irrelevant and you can both decided whether you’d like to salsa, samba, or waltz. A dance class is an excellent opportunity for a toyboy who wishes to lead his cougar. Dance revolves around a communication with one another’s body, sure you might be clumsy at first (trampling on toes is inevitable) but the moment you first get it right makes the tender toes and bruised shins all worthwhile.

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