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9 Geeky Date Ideas

Dating a man or woman with ideas of their own? Is a trip to see The Hunger Games followed by TGIFridays just not gonna cut it? Here are some top “geeky” date ideas to entertain the sexy intellectual in your life.

Go To Your Local Trivia Night 

What do intelligent people enjoy doing? Flexing what it metaphorically their strongest muscle! Find a local pub quiz going on, order in a round of drinks and settle down to some good old-fashioned quizzing. Got a friend with similar interests? Make it a double-date. Ooh I’m feeling competitive just thinking about this one. Don’t forget you can always practice at home first. Here’s a few trivia questions to get you started.

Indulge In a Private Lesson 

Hire a private tutor for the evening to teach you a new skill together. This can be something themed, like learning a romance language for example. Or you could go for something you’ve always wanted to have a go at like electric guitar or take a test drive in a really expensive, up-to-date vehicle. Geek out together over the excitement of learning something new.

Visit a Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant

Food just might be the tastiest science there is (and I’m not sure that’s saying much.) Find the restaurants near you that offer new and exciting Modernist Cuisine or if you’re feeling confidence give it a go at home.

Get Out To The Museums 

Undoubtedly one of the best things about living in the UK is the availability of free-entry museums. There are the big ones in major cities that will naturally come to mind but there are probably some niche ones near you work checking out also. Trust me, I had an amazing day once at Birmingham’s Pen Museum (you’d be surprised).

Look Up Local Tech Events 

It could be the release of an app, it could be the demonstration of a new product, check out whatever tech launches are going on nearby or any tech exhibitions. The future is now.

Independent Cinema

OK, everyone loves the movies sometimes so you can make it less generic by going to a more interesting cinema. Enjoy admirable visuals at an IMAX, find yourself unsure where to look at a giant screen or visit on the smaller, independent cinemas that have sofas instead of chairs. These often show unusual and foreign films too, perfetto!

Board Game Marathon 

You don’t have to go all the way and play a 48 hour game of Magic The Gathering. This is good clean fun at it’s very best but it can also be strangely exciting in a competitive, I’m-building-a-hotel-right-on-your-property kind of way. Looking for some unusual games? Try Carcassonne or Pandemic.

Lock Yourself In

The most fun ever had in an hour (yes really, more fun than even what you’re thinking), I highly recommend you take yourself – and your date – immediately to your nearest Escape Game provider. You and your chosen companion will be locked into a room/rooms where a puzzle has been left for you to solve in order to work your way out. Don’t make it in time and they leave you locked in till the next paid customer arrives (oh OK, not really). Learn whether you work well as a team, how your date acts under pressure and all that other rubbish while you seriously have an amazing time.


If you or your partner are looking for something less obvious and more generally beneficial to humanity, I recommend looking for a volunteering experience near you. It may not seem the best choice, as you will no doubt share your date’s attention with a volunteer team, but it’s a good chance to see how socially conscious they are show them you enjoy giving back to the universe.

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