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Put the ‘art’ into ‘heart’ this Valentine’s Day!

Who needs red roses and over-priced restaurants? 5 creative ways to put the ‘art’ back into ‘heart’ for free this Valentine’s Day.

 1. The fairer text

Lost your heart to a word lover? Then head to Simply cut and paste their favourite song lyrics or quotes from a movie, a list of things you love about them or even a naughty poem. Turn it into a heart shape and voila; tailor-made word art. Print it and frame it for long-lasting appeal.


2. Starry eyed

The middle of February may not have the best weather or the clearest skies. So what? If you’re both the outdoorsy type who hates sitting in stuffy restaurants, wrap up warm and gaze upwards. A flask of hot chocolate and a little imagination (or a handy app on your phone) will soon have you pointing out Pegasus like a pro.


3. Line by line

Unleash your inner romantic with poetry. If the closest you get to rhyming lines is rapping along with Jay-Z, hit the stacks for the classics or get fruitful with Google. Woo them with something delicately swoon-some or positively provocative, but text them only one line at a time; remember, anticipation is an aphrodisiac.


4. The food of love

Real men don’t just eat cake; they bake them, too. Whether you’re going all-out with Red Velvet Cupcakes or making something from a packet (yes, that’s allowed), just make sure it’s made with love.


5. Get (snap) happy 

Maybe they’re obsessed with cat pictures on the internet (frankly, who isn’t?). Maybe their social media feeds are full of their brilliant pics, or maybe you want to send a clue of what you have planned for later. Either way gather your chosen photographs, head to, and let loose with your collage skills. Pick a heart-shaped template then let the site do all the sticking and gluing for you. Perfect!

This post was written by a Toyboy Warehouse member .

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