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A Heart for a Heart

‘Karma’ is not really it, the word for this practice in South Asian culture is ‘nazar (in Urdu), which means ‘sight’ but culturally, it’s known as the ‘evil eye.’  Do not pretend like you are not scared, this happens in real life.  It has been passed down from century-old civilisations.  A modern-day prime example includes any kind of compliment, for example, ‘Wow, how beautiful is your skin, so beautiful and soft and glowing,’ and then lo and behold, the following day, you wake up with an acne breakout as if Freddy Krueger projectile vomited all over your face.  True story, bro.

Ever heard the expression an eye for an eye, well that’s where we’re heading.  Let me explain, relationships are so temporary lately that any longevity is seen as miraculous.  Your new relationship gathers so much unconscious negative press (envy) that if your people notice your permanent smile, they’re throttling your throat inside their damaged imaginations. Inevitably, you and yours have been cursed and are now on a spiralling course doomed for failure.

This is how it comes to be, so you keep your sixth sense switched to the ‘ON’ position at all times.  You will find yourself in full flow of overzealous joy about your relationship not knowing that your conversee is actually inflicting you with the evil eye behind their fake gushing ‘I’m-so-happy-for-you’ comments.

During the course of the next week, you find that tiny things about your partner start to play on your mind, the eternal happiness appears to be declining into a worm pit of hell.  This is when it all collapses at which point, the conversee will then be the first to say ‘Well, I did warn you to be careful’ while, their inner Dr Evil is chuckling maniacally, raising their inner eyebrow to the successful voodoo.

As if that’s not enough, if your relationship happened to end with an insincerity, the conversee starts with something along the context of ‘Oh no [s]he didn’t…’ and instead of providing a shoulder to cry on, or giving you a kick up the behind to pull yourself together, they are pointing your moral compass to carry out vengeful acts of misfortune; a heart for a heart no less.

There are ways to recognise this trait in our fellow humans, even if you think your bestie would not dare incite you to do such things.  Fighting immoral ground with another immorality will deliberately not only have Freddy Krueger (see above) hurling obscenities upon you, but you will also be at the direct receiving end of some tragic karma mishaps.

Here are a two tips on how to avoid the invisible Evil Eye.

1>   If you’re in the early stages of a new relationship; keep the frenzied contentment to yourself.  One, it will keep you in extra good spirits since self-secrets are the best kind and two, everyone will wonder if you’ve won the lottery instead.  This is a better thing for them to think upon.  Evil eye averted. #win

2>   If you do decide to show and tell, note the reaction of your audience.  If the conversee is over-abundant with their elated mirth for you, i.e. they are infinitely more delighted with your news than you, there is clearly something amiss. Whisper for protection from the universe and thank the conversee for their goodness.  Evil eye diverted. #win

Make peace and love folks, truth and love always win in the end.

Kiki Swayla

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