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5 Happiness Hacks For When Dating Gets You Down

It’s safe to say that the dating game can be hard work. Whether you’re a ‘cougar’ looking for a younger man, or a ‘toyboy’ searching for the right older woman, finding “the one” can be quite a tiring task. Soon little stresses can leave us feeling quite drained making it hard to remember that it should be an enjoyable process. So, what can we do to boost our mood and achieve a blissful frame of mind ready for a hot date, or, for when we simply need a pick-me-up? Here are 5 happiness hacks that are guaranteed to lift your mood.

1. Meditation

For thousands of years specialists in meditation from all different cultures around the world have claimed that their practice brings many benefits, not only mentally but physically. Meditation is a great way for both old and young to indulge in some quiet, reflective time. You do not need to follow any particular religious traditions to  enjoy the benefits such as improved focus, clarity, attention span and calmness that practicing meditation can bring. So get yourself into lotus position, close your eyes and gently listen to the rhythm of your breathing. You will soon be feeling relaxed and peaceful in no time!

2. Music

Music is always a great quick fix for a bad mood! Who can resist putting on some music that makes them feel good and dancing their worries and sadness away? Research shows that listening to a fast upbeat song will get your heart beating, faster mimicking the way it beats when you are feeling happy. Next time you are feeling low find your favorite song, turn up the volume, and enjoy!

3. Keep a blog or journal.

There are many different ways that keeping a diary or a journal can help towards elevating your mood. First of all writing down how you are feeling when your mood is really low or you are feeling angry will get out all the pent up emotion that you may be holding in; breaking down the negative feelings and problems giving you chance to gain a better perspective and make sense of your thoughts, resulting in a much calmer and positive you.

Another way journaling can be helpful is by writing down all the times that you feel happy or the things that you are grateful for each day. This is great for looking back at when you are having a bad day so that you can remind yourself that there are good days too! Next time you are out shopping, find yourself a notebook that you like and just try writing down three things that make you happy or that you are grateful for each day. You will soon notice a positive change to your attitude and well being.

Consider keeping this online in the form of a blog – anonymously if you prefer – some people have even made careers out of their dating blogs and you will receive feedback from others in the same position.

4. Spend time with people that make you happy.

Young or old, humans have always sought the company of others. We are not really solitary creatures (not all the time) and we love nothing more than spending time with those we love or having a good chat with an old friend. As our days get busier and we find we have less time on our hands, it is hard to fit time with friends and family into our schedules.

Freeing up even just half an hour to meet up with a good friend or a family member that you don’t get to see often will make you (and the other person) feel much better. It will be a great way to have a catch up, a chance to talk through your problems with some one who knows and cares about you, and, if you are anything like me and my friends, you will have lots of laughs. Who wouldn’t feel happier after that?

5. A nice hot bubble bath.

It may seem like an obvious one but you can’t argue with its effectiveness. Run yourself a  hot bath with plenty of your favorite bubbles and perhaps even some candles and prepare to soak away your worries. Everyone needs a bit of me time now and then to relax and be alone with their thoughts. Take this time to pamper yourself with a face mask and some scented body lotion. The better you feel on the outside, the better you will feel on the inside. It is also great preparation before a date night, helping you relax and calm any nerves you may have about the night ahead.

After trying one – if not all – of these little tips I am sure you will find yourself in a more positive, relaxed mood ready to face what ever the day may bring!

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