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Matchmaker challenges

In my last blog I pointed out the 4 top differences between Romantic Duo and online dating platforms. If you haven’t read it yet I encourage you to do so.


Last time, I pointed out that Matchmaking is still a little-known term and for this reason I decided to tell you a bit more about it and about some challenges that I face.


First of all, Matchmaking is a niche service and very different to other services. It is not  as straight forward as people coming to you, choosing the product, buying it and going.  It is in fact a very responsible role as I deal with people’s feelings . I always try to make it clear at the complimentary meeting about what I can and can’t do. I can’t promise anyone that they will fall in love with a person I introduce them to. My role is to facilitate the introduction, make it happen, find the potential candidate, but as a Matchmaker I can’t guarantee Love.


This is one of the main challenges I face, as people often ask me if I will introduce them to their life partner. I’d love to but I cannot make any guarantees because, as I have said, I work with real people and love is after all something that can only happen at its own pace. Please remember that, as the old saying goes, “it takes two to tango”.


At the first consultation I try to understand my client’s expectations. Sometimes those are not realistic. My challenge is to make them aware of this and be honest. Generally, honesty is appreciated by the client but sometime it is difficult to pass on more negative feedback to the client after their first date. It requires a lot of diplomacy and good communication skills from me.


The greatest challenge for me is not to take things personally. I am not a fortune teller and I am not a God. I cannot be responsible for someone else’s happiness. All I can do is strive to give it a head start, but remember that life is in your own hands and it all depends on you; what you do and how you want to live . You are responsible for your actions, choices and decisions.


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Lots of love,


Written by Marzena Kubiak, Relationship Expert & founder of Romantic Duo. Offering  a relationship themed workshops such as Toxic Love Retreat and sharing dating tips and advice at various events. Check out: for more details


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