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Toyboy has Kylie spinning around on her Desert Island Discs

Kylie had good cause to remind herself to breathe this week when the Aussie Aphrodite found her breath taken away by her toyboy.

In a first for Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs Minogue, 47, gave the choice of one of her eight tracks to her “new beau” and “huge fan” of the show, 28 year-old British actor Joshua Sasse.

“I would like to have a surprise from Josh,” she tells presenter Kirsty Young. “I don’t know what he has done, but I figured if I was a castaway on an island, I would like to know what someone else thought, particularly my love.” 

So, did the young Sasse show some sass? It would be so easy to flatter her with something from her back-catalogue. Something that tells her she’s just smart, or beautiful, or sexy.

But instead Sasse did something far smarter; he chose to appeal to her mind AND her heart. The son of the late Romantic poet Dominic Sasse, he created a sensually intimate gift. With only a simple accompaniment he reads to her ‘As I Look Up’, one of his father’s most erotic poems, which climaxes with;

“I would bend to press my eager face into your neck, where the secret flesh is furred like peaches behind a curtain of caramel scented curls. Without asking, I would pull you down with my devoted hands to express, my fluent tongue to endear. We would smear our mouths with ardent kisses and cry aloud from loving, as we lay beneath the arches of that careless wanton day.”

No wonder “I think I stopped breathing for half of that. Breathe, Minogue!” was her emotional response.

Gentlemen, the bar has been raised. While few woman would want such erotic lines to fill a first message on Toyboy Warehouse, picking something personally meaningful or poetic is enticing once dating’s begun. Older woman are sought for their intelligence and sensuality; appeal to that, and perhaps some “ardent kisses” will soon take YOUR breathe away.

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