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Huddlebuy Interview With Julia From Toyboy Warehouse


Advice for Your Business

Our very own Julia Macmillan was interviewed by business community blogsite, Huddlebuy on what advice she’d give to people in business employing social media. Here is the article in full:

Huddlebuy: Tell us who you are and what your business does.

Julia Macmillan: is an online dating community for women and younger men. There’s a lot more interaction that normal dating sites and we have more user generated content which creates good member engagement.

HB: What role does social media (Twitter and Facebook) play in your marketing? Do you have a great tip for how to best use social media?

JM: I’ve had a twitter account for toyboywarehouse which is @toyboywarehouse for over a year now and we have just over 1000 followers. It’s good for spreading the word and finding out more what other entrepreneurs are doing. I tweet from the point of view of an entrepreneur rather than a dating expert (which I’m not).

HB: How do you acquire most of your customers? What activities have worked best?

JM: We had a successful Facebook ad campaign which ran for the best part of 4 years. I was one of the first to use it and in the early days it was great and better value than doing an Adwords campaign. However about a year ago Facebook’s ad prices started to shoot up and we had to find an alternative. I went back to trying Adwords with a large company which was useless. I then tried an SEO /SEM consultant who was able to study the analytics and conversion rates and now it is far more effective than the old Facebook campaign (£26 cost per acquisition for FB v £5 for Adwords!).

HB: Do you have any advice for other companies on how to cleverly manage your resources?

JM: Use Facebook for fanpages, promotions and any free stuff you can do and then get a good consultant to analyse your data to improve your organic google ranking and get your intern to build your links.

HB: Do you have a story or a situation where you’ve really delighted customer(s)?

JM: Our site seems to delight the customers as it is quite different from other dating sites. We are planning an iPhone app before the end of the year called TTT (toyboy tube tottie) where women can take photos of handsome guys and upload them directly from their phones to the site. We’re hoping to put a smile on people’s faces in the cold winter months.

HB: Do you actively research and look for cheaper or newer services for your businesses? Where/Who do you normally turn to for research and advice?

JM: Most of the good contacts I have made have been word of mouth. Most of the bad contacts I have made have been from the internet.

HB: Give us a pitch for new customers.

JM: Toyboywarehouse, where smart meets sexy. You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!

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