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Film star dates younger

Susan Sarandon doesn’t think she’ll ever marry again. ‘I can’t see the circumstances under which I would,’ she says.

Which rather puts the kibosh on stories that the 66-year-old film star is about to wed her boyfriend, Jonathan Bricklin.

They’ve been ‘collaborating’ (Susan doesn’t like the word ‘dating’) for three years, since she became 36-year-old Bricklin’s business partner in a New York nightclub.

And yes, that’s 36, a full three decades younger than Susan.

Not, I suspect, that she gives a jot about the age thing. Susan is the sort of woman who runs full-pelt at life and to hell with what other people think.

Four years ago, she was thought to be blissfully happy with her partner of 23 years Tim Robbins, father to their two sons Jack, 24, and Miles, 21, as well as Eva, 28, her daughter from an earlier relationship.

Then out of the blue Tim, 54, went through what he’s called ‘a midlife crisis’ and  ‘insanity’.

Within months, one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples had separated. ‘I didn’t think it would ever happen,’ Susan confessed.

‘You need your girlfriends. You need to take long walks until you’re exhausted and no longer crying out and you hold on until a new dawn.’

She now has the letters ‘A’, ‘N’, ‘D’ tattooed like a hangman’s noose around her wrist.

‘It stands for “A new dawn, a new day”,’ she says.

Check out White Palace – one of the best films ever about a relationship between an older woman and a younger man, starring Susan Sarandon and a handsome young James Spader. 

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