How To End a Casual Relationship

Casual relationships are that awkward beginning to seeing each other, a strange term that has seems to be frequented by the younger generation. It’s a small collection of words that allows you to not be held down by the relationship yet, the easiest way to describe it is as seeing how things go.  But when it’s not official how do you end it? How, if you realise you don’t like the person, do you cut the strings?

Here are some of the options (but I’m not saying they’re the right ones)…

  1. Cold Turkey


If it’s early enough into the relationship is it simpler and easier to just stop contact, ignore the messages and just hope they get the hint? Personally I’d say no but I know the kind of people who just stop replying, they ignore the phone calls and delete the texts because they don’t want to face the hassle. I would have thought people who are old enough for an adult relationship are also mature enough to speak their mind but obviously not in some cases. I would hope it goes without saying that this option is not recommended.

2. The purposeful mistake

This one is just terrible but hilarious at the same time, again a cowardice way out but as a past eye-witness it seems to work perfectly when executed correctly. The thought behind it is you intentionally kiss someone else, then confess your sins and split the sheets. It’s risky business because it can go one of two ways. Either you stop seeing each other but you gain a reputation of a skulduggerous cheater or they forgive you accept your mistakes and you’re back stuck at square one.

3. Friend zoning

Surely most people have heard of the friend-zone, it is the point in which a pair hit the platonic wall and realise there won’t be a kind of relationship between them. Ask anyone who knows of the friend-zone and they will tell you it’s virtually impossible to get out of it. This is a completely reasonable choice in my opinion, it shows you still get on with the person but don’t see them as a romantic option. I don’t mean the golden line of “let’s be friends” I just mean have a mature sit down conversation and explain what’s on the table. Who knows, after some no strings attached social time you might realise you like them romantically as well.

4. And the right way is…

You can’t be annoyed if a person doesn’t want a relationship, some people just aren’t right for each other. It would be like getting pissed off at someone for not liking the taste of chicken. It’s not something they can change but as long as they are honest and do the noble thing of telling you without the use of option 1 and 2 then no harm done. It’s as simple as shaking hands and cutting your losses. Honesty is always the best policy, a cliché I know, but it works pretty well in this instance.

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