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Do younger men fancy older women? Yes – and PornHub can prove it!

The idea of a woman’s sexual attractiveness topping out at 30 is going the way of the dodo, if PornHub’s new data is any indication.

Here at Toyboy Warehouse, we’ve always known how attractive older women are to younger men. But here Dr Brooke Magnanti (formerly known as Belle de Jour) explores PornHub’s finding for The Telegraph;

If you thought the older woman/younger man trend died a death post-Sex and the City and Cougar Town, think again. The recent coverage of PornHub’s UK statistics shows that throughout the UK, porn star Lisa Ann is extremely popular: she’s the top search term in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and second most popular in England.

The actress, who has been in films on and off since the mid-90s, hardly fits the stereotype.

She’s busty, sure, but also filled out everywhere else. And at 42, she is perhaps best-known for playing a Sarah Palin-alike, complete with Hockey Mom glasses, gubernatorial power suit, and semi-automatic rifle in (ahem) seminal Who’s Nailin’ Paylin.

While the controversial politician and pundit may not be many people’s idea of a great date, one thing is for certain – well-groomed, approachable older women are considered enormously attractive across the board.

As for answering the question of why this particular genre continues to run and run, results are mixed. Some say it’s the experience. Some cite more rounded figures as the key attraction. Still more claim it’s a glimpse of the forbidden fantasy.

David, a friend who admitted to ‘wide-ranging’ tastes in porn, attributes it to early experiences. “A lot of lads I know, their first crush is a teacher or a friend’s mum. You maybe never get over that even when you get older,” he says.

Asked if women should feel positive, neutral or negative about this, he says: “Probably neutral? Or maybe positive. It’s in a flattering way, not like ‘women should feel grateful to still be attractive at that age.’ They really are.”

But the trend, it seems, is hardly new. Benjamin Franklin is supposed to have written, ‘In all your Amours you should prefer old Women to young ones’ as advice to a friend in 1745. Meanwhile, one third of Japanese men report preferring older women to younger ones.

That said, UK results are straying away from worldwide trends – with terms like ‘creampie,’ ‘teen’ and ‘amateur’ rating higher worldwide than they do here. Surprised? Perhaps it’s time to face up to a little-acknowledged truth: British men arguably have more evolved taste in women than the rest of the world.

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