Learnt too late; what a failed marriage can teach lovers young and old

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Mrs Robinson cougar
Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson. A 2003 survey conducted by the National Association of Retired Persons revealed that one-third of single women between 40 and 60 are dating younger men, qualifying as ‘cougars’. Brenda Dos Santos laughs, “I’m the poster child for the ‘Urban Cougar’ trend. I’m 46 and only date boys in their 20s […]
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Cougar Robin Wright and toyboy lover
Robin Wright, 46, has become the latest thing in cougar dating as she is now seeing Ben Foster, 32, who she met on a film. The pair starred together in the film Rampart and he joined her in Australia earlier this year while she was filming The Grandmothers with Naomi Watts. It is understood to […]
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Older women are fabulous
Bobbi Palmer, a writer for YourTango, has this to say about why it’s good to look forward to your 50s. Quite a few ToyboyWarehouse women will understand this, and guys – you have it to look forward to! Here’s the article: I can say from personal experience that your 50s are the best time to experience […]
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Erotic fiction
TBW’s, gbird has written a book! Here’s a synopsis: When I first realised my second marriage was in big trouble I did my best to mend bridges but was stonewalled at every turn. I was in despair and just could not understand it and in order to deal with all the emotions that were rushing […]
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The other day my mother, 81, finally succumbed and went to the doctor to get some blood pressure pills; her first question was, “They’re not going to affect my libido are they?” Her lover is 20 years her junior – which is probably what keeps her young. Sexual energy is a powerful and bonding force […]
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Gaynor Evans Blogs for Toyboy Warehouse
Having just read another article referring to the Blogger ‘Plankton’ and how she finds herself middle-aged, single and apparently at the bottom of sexual food chain, I am again amused and bemused by how she is finding it “out there”. It sounds sad, lonely and bloody awful – and I have to say the complete […]
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Dating after 40
This news article, by Suzanne Harrington, appeared in the Irish Independent on August 13th. As it’s a great piece of writing, and very insightful, we thought we’d share it with you: ‘On July 2, an anonymous blogger calling herself The Plankton uploaded her first post. The blogger, a middle-aged woman, says its title refers to […]
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choosing baby names
OK, so normally names don’t matter too much to me when it comes to dating people, or even people in general, but every so often one comes across someone whose name is exceptionally beautiful (or on the rare occasion, not very beautiful at all), and as I had such an encounter fairly recently, it got […]
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Seriously, no matches, not one… That’s what happened when I searched one of the more typical dating sites. Yes, I know, curiosity kills. It was an experiment, it’s important to know all your options before making a decision! Well, now I know.   The thing is I don’t think what I am looking for is […]
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