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Brain music

Music of the Brain

In ancient Greek mythology, sleep was represented as a teenager who softly ran across the Earth to give men and women rest for body and spirit, placing a poppy on the left hand side and a bowl with its juice on the right. Looking at it, sleep should be a moment of calm, a detachment from the daily labours, a peaceful activity to recover all our mental and physical energy.

According to recent research, more than 14% of people are insomnia sufferers. This rate grows in 60-65 years old and females seem to be the most affected. Along with anxiety and stress, love can be a cause of insomnia, i.e. whenever we feel lovesick or too happy and excited.

Love, like music, has no boundaries, they are both part of our everyday lives and get mixed up with each other continuously. Every couple has their own love song. For each of us music works as a kind of magic memory box! More and more we recognize how the relationship between music and ourselves works in synergy and is mysteriously beneficial!

Music not only has its powers by just listening, but also in our mind, which plays its own music: Music of the Brain. According to research from the Sleep Disorders Centre of Sechenov Academy in Moscow, they recently confirmed studies from the University Health Network in Toronto and from Columbia Hospital in New York. These studies proved that listening to music before sleeping is a new technique to help fight against insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress.

But it is not music as we know it! It’s the music from our own brains, made by recording the electroencephalogram’s activity. The brain’s activity is shown by waves that are recorded with the electroencephalogram and these waves get edited if we are asleep or awake. So by recording the activity of our brain in a state of rest and translating the frequencies detected from the electroencephalogram to the corresponding musical notes, it will obtain an exclusive and unique piece of music for each of us. The sleepless patient should listen to it before sleeping for 2/3 weeks!

Music of the brain can be also a gorgeous, original and a deeply personal gift if you let your partner listen to your own music. Hey Toyboys impress and turn on your woman’s musical heartbeat with the music of your brain.

After that turn off the light!

Written by Alessandra D’Alessandro

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