Karl’s dating rules for the guys

1) You can’t force attraction. If a girl thinks you’re sweet, she probably doesn’t fancy you. Attraction has been around for millions of years, way before texts, e-mails and picture messages. She either fancies you or she doesn’t and you can’t force anyone to be attracted to you. If a woman is interested in a man she will make herself available. The old rule ‘A Man Chases a Woman Until She Catches HIM’ is very true.

2) Don’t come over all sleazy and sex crazed. Yes you might find her sexually attractive and someone you’d actually see yourself with, but she’s looking for different signs than the ones your equipment might be telling you to give out. A lot of women will play you, test you and see if you’re man for the job.

3) Take no for an answer. If a woman is interested and can’t, she will probably say something like ‘I can’t meet you blar blar but I would like to arrange something another time.’

4) Do not tolerate bad behaviour. Certain women know they’ve got you hooked and feel able to break dates, not return calls and expect you to be ‘cool’ about is as they hold the sexual trump card. If she’s genuinely interested and you don’t tolerate her bad bahaviour and never call again.. it wasn’t meant to be. If she’s genuinely interested she may change her bad manners.

5) Don’t be predictable.

6) Don’t be a doormat either. Women don’t like clingy, desperate or needy men.

7) It’s only natural for a man to be attracted to a woman and to want to have sex. If your woman isn’t able to comprehend this, then find one who does. Don’t apologise for being a man or be PC’d to death.

8) Don’t be available all the time. Women like mystery and intrigue. You are allowed to go off with your friends.

9) Dating is a partnership. If your date is earning then why should you always pick up the entertainment bill. If you do pay all the time you’re trading sex for money.

10) Be confident. We’re afraid of rejection. We walk on eggshells around women, trying to second-guess if what we’re doing is “right.”. Just be yourself and treat a sexy woman as an equal not a goddess.


By Sunshine_karl

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