E-tiquette – tips for the boys…

Well, I thought it was time to give the guys a few tips on how to approach a woman. There are some basic differences between the sexes and I’m getting the impression that some of the guys on the site are blissfully unaware of them.

Let’s start from the premise that, like any other dating site, some people are looking for flings and other people are looking for relationships. That applies to men and women.
So, guys, the rules are basically the same in how to approach a woman, whether you’re looking for a fling or a relationship, the only difference being that you might cut to the chase quicker if it’s a fling thing.


Never do blanket emails. A woman will not reply if she thinks you’ve used the scatter- gun approach. No matter what you want from her you’ve always got to make her feel special. How difficult is it to pick out something from her profile and mention it in your message? Apart from the fact that some women on the site are friends and may compare notes about what a guy has said in his email, as happened recently.

Do not send an message saying ‘Wana chat? I can send a pic.’ Why would a woman want to chat with you when she knows virtually nothing about you. It usually means MSN, which a lot of women don’t like. Also, if you say you can send a pic but don’t  have one on the site, what does that say? Probably, that you’ve got at least 3 women already and you want to be discreet. Photos are extremely important and you should put yours on the site.

Which brings me on to my next point. The photo. There are a few guys out there that are obsessed with getting their willie shot on the site, and, like stealth bombers, try to fly under the radar to drop them on their cyber target. Sorry guys it won’t work. The TBW radar system is will not allow it. As it says, in the About Us section, ‘Keep your privates, private.’ There are other guys who start a friendly message conversation with a woman and then out of the blue will send her a willie shot, as happened to Ms X Libris. There’s one thing you’ve really got to understand; a willie shot to a woman is not what a boob shot is to a man. I mean, have you seen the top shelves of newsagents stacked with naked men mags? No. A woman only finds a penis attractive when she is in intimate contact with it and already knows she fancies the guy. If shown a pic before that stage, it’s a major turn off. As Ms X Libris said, a great head- shot always works best, or a head and torso shot, not a headless torso shot.

Also another No No is suggesting web cam, as clearly that means video sex. It’s off putting! It boils down to this: don’t be too over direct too soon.

Toyboy Warehouse is a dating site, not a sex site, but unlike other sites we’re more honest about why people are on it, and don’t hide the fact that some people are here[men and women] just for a fling. But even with flings there’s an  etiquette to follow…

Ms J

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