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Christmas hopes and fears
Ah Christmas, what a time for mixed emotions. Shops and TV are filled with images of festive frolicking. That Christmas CD providing the constant jolly soundtrack everywhere you go.  Posters and magazines of women in gorgeous dresses, the suggestion of slinky underwear and everyone being in touch with their inner sex-kitten, having nothing better to […]
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Ladies at Lords
For those of you who don’t know, one day every year, Lords, the temple of cricket in St John’s Wood, allows women in free AND, to encourage the ladies, gives them champagne. This took place recently and a group of friends decided to ignore their complete ignorance of the rules of the game and go […]
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Alternative Valentine's
Valentine’s Day isn’t a day that should be dreaded. As a single person, it should be one that is embraced! It is the month of love. Who better to solve your relationship woes than Katy Horwood and Suze Nowak? My girlfriend dumped me in November after being together for 3 years because she met somebody […]
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Wendy Salisbury
I know which I’d prefer…   On what is probably the most stressful morning of the year for most women, I am still tucked up beneath the duvet enjoying a delicious breakfast with a day of tranquillity stretched out ahead of me.  Deep pleasurable sigh…   After an intensely busy and draining couple of months, […]
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