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10 Genius Dating Tips from Relationship Expert Marzena Kubiak (Part 2)

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Tip#6 Be confident with yourself


Easier said than done! I know, but the way you see yourself is how other people will see you. This is what my mum told me when I was a teenager and lacked confidence. If you aren’t happy with how you look and with what you do, no one else will be. You have to love yourself first before someone else will love you!


Tip#7 Keep the conversation fun


What I refer to is to have some neutral and enjoyable conversations rather than very serious ones. Remember that it’s supposed to be a nice evening out for both of you , you don’t want to talk to a stranger about your work problems or politics or other sensitive subjects. If you struggle, come and visit Romantic Duo’s Facebook page for some inspiration on how to keep the conversation going.


Tip#8 Enjoy Yourself


The whole purpose of going out is to have good time and enjoy yourself. So even though your date is not exactly what you hoped for, try to find some positives. Food, wine, music? New restaurant you haven’t been to before? Handsome bar staff or waiter/ess? I am sure you can find something enjoyable from the overall situation.


Tip#9 Don’t talk about your ‘ex’!


This is definitely a NO NO! You wouldn’t like to hear it either, right? So don’t speak about your ex, at least not on a first date! I bet you both have more interesting topics to chat about. The fact that it is your ‘ex’ suggests things didn’t work out so why would you want to go back to this experience and share it with a stranger?!


Tip#10 Don’t be late for your date


I have mentioned it before, Be on time for your date if you want to go on a next one!

I myself hate waiting and I am not too keen on people who are late. Fortunately, my fiancé is like me and prefers to be 5 mins earlier than late! I suppose I am very LUCKY!


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