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toy story

Toy Story

Sex toys have always been a fascinating subject. Whether you love them or hate them they are often a topic that gets mixed reactions from both sexes.

They are not a new idea in Victorian times doctors used a crude type of vibrator to relieve woman of what they called their hysteria!  This wonderful instrument was used to bring a woman to a paroxysm an old-fashioned word for the female orgasm!  The Victorian woman was of course not allowed to experience sexual pleasure she was supposed to lay back and think of England in her quest to procreate. 

My how things have changed! Us modern girls are all about sexual satisfaction. These days’ sex is a two-way street and our pleasure is just as important as the guys we play with. From my experience most guys are eager to please in the orgasm department and will spend endless hours in pursuit of our paroxysm!. They take it as proof that they are sexual athletes of the highest order and can get just as frustrated at us when our orgasm does not arrive on cue.

On most occasions a bit of coaxing and licking or a change of position will usually have the desired result. But what if it doesn’t? Enter the sex toy all bright and shiny and reporting for duty. 

There is an array of choices out there and so many to choose from it is quite bewildering.  I visited an Ann Summers shop recently and was overwhelmed with different colours shapes and spin speeds. The staff in AS are very helpful though, and are happy to give you their own personal experiences of using every one of the bright shiny objects that adorn their shelves. Apparently, it’s company policy for the staff to be up to speed on all new products in every way possible. Don’t you just love that? 

Having made three purchases over as many months I found that as usual it’s a case of you get what you pay for. The most recent purchase bought with a birthday gift card (my friends know me so well) is the mother of all machines and was the most expensive. It’s rechargeable and looks nothing like a men’s appendage. It is purely used for helping when that elusive orgasm is ducking and diving and giving you the run around. 

Whether you go solo with it or hand it to your partner to administer, trust me when I say it is the Rolls Royce of vibrators. It all happens so fast, blink and you’ll miss it.

I read an interesting article in the Metro ( Friday October 21st ) this week about a jilted lover who in a fit of jealous rage had stormed into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and destroyed her vibrator! complaining that she loved it more than him! She actually took him to court and sued him for the cost of a new one! Yes, really. 

Personally, I would choose a hot blooded man over the plug in variety every time but sometimes just sometimes we all need a little help. If you can get the man in your life involved with your toys then there is less chance of the green- eyed monster rearing its ugly head!  We all know how men love their tools! 

That said what we do with our toys in private is strictly our business. Oh dear I think I am having an attack of the vapours. Call the doctor someone I may need to lie down and I won’t be thinking of England ! Now where did I put those Rabbit Ears?

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