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The Art of Taking Profile Pictures

The way we represent ourselves online has been revolutionized by selfie-mania (it’s even sometimes considered an addiction now). However much you’ve embraced it, there are some solid bits of advice you can consider when choosing that all-important profile picture.


Make It You…

A picture says a thousand words, and we’ve given you chance to upload several. Try taking one somewhere you love, or perhaps include something significant in the background like a guitar if you love music. But don’t let yourself become secondary in your own photo! A headshot is ideal, just as a photo of only your eyes is not – we’ve seen these a few times and they are just intimidating! No matter how pretty your peepers may be.


…But Only You

We don’t approve photos that are of you and your group of mates. This is for a good reason, no one will know who you are! This profile is about you, so make sure you’re front and centre. Also, photos of you with a child are pretty inappropriate – even if your kids are super cute. Photos with your ex are also off bounds, your future love interest does not want to be comparing themselves to your previous partners from Day 1.


Keep it Recent

A photo should represent the real you. We all know that tense feeling when we’ve been chatting to someone online for a while, we’ve seen a few of their photos and we’re wondering – what will the reality look like? Save any first date surprises by using a recent and honest photo.


No Nudity

Nudity won’t make it anywhere near the site anyway, for good reason: your best bits should be saved for the bedroom. Remember the saying ‘don’t put in the window what you aren’t selling in the shop’. If you aren’t looking for a quick hook-up, keep it covered up. And if your photo includes more than just your face, wear something that you feel comfortable in and that makes you look good. Think date appropriate clothing.


The Formula 

The internet is teeming with statistics, there are innumerable numbers relating to dating profile photos, for example full body images boost views by 203% and men get 19% more if the photo is outside. There’s nothing wrong with being informed, but remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what appeals to one will not appeal to all. For this reason, don’t try too hard to pre-empt attraction by following guidelines too strictly and losing all sense of your photo being natural.



Don’t be cool to say cheese! Avoid really contrived expressions and poses – crack a smile and show people you’re a happy, fun to be around person.

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