Taking on the big boys

I’ve always been very careful in choosing my arguments and you may think I’ve made a mistake here but no Aristotle, no!! “Love”, he says, “is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” Romanticised nonsense!  My soul is mine. I wouldn’t want it diluted by merging it into someone else’s body thank you and I’ll tell you why.
The components of my soul are the physical, emotional and intellectual elements of myself. They are at the core of me. I have always thought of love as being the complete acceptance and appreciation of another’s soul without detriment to my being. Surely love is about the understanding of difference, not wanting to be amalgamated? That, I think, would be narcissism.

I would hope that my lover appreciates the unique combination of these elements that shape the woman I am. Just as I appreciate the elements that make the man I love. It fascinates me that the proportions of these elements, when dovetailed together, create the flavour of the love you have with a particular person. It may be that a connection is more intellectual/physical than emotional or more physical/emotional than intellectual. They all work and are exciting for different reasons. Whatever the flavour, love should allow a soul to be revealed not possessed, connected not plagiarized.

Two connected souls begin a journey and as long as the equation of physical, emotional and intellectual remains balanced, love is a wonderful place to be. Things change though, don’t they. That’s just how it is.  You can love another’s soul for always but it’s not always possible to continue the journey together. The acceptance of this is actually very liberating. If we were to take Aristotle’s view however, the ending of a journey together would mean the other person disappears off into the sunset with half your soul?! So what is he saying? We sit there crying into our Champagne, a shell of the person we once were? Obviously not! How very adolescent! We are confident, multi-faceted, experienced women who have an understanding of what life is about. Being a “glass half full” kind of a person, I would say love has always added to the richness of my life, not depleted it.

Of course Aristotle’s reputation wasn’t made on that quote alone. At this time, when we look to the year ahead, I have to admit one of his quotes is genius and well worth keeping in mind. It is this;

“The aim of the wise is to secure pleasure but to avoid pain”

So, well done all you wise women on TBW.

Happy New Year!!


By Three Wishes

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