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The secret of Toyboy Warehouse in January

January is a special month. It’s the beginning of a new year, new resolutions are started, new journeys are undertaken. Yet, January is also a special month if you’re looking for love, lust and romance online.

January is the biggest month of the year for online dating. No other month as more signups, more messages sent and more dates and relationships – Toyboy Warehouse is no exception.

There’s a variety of reasons that people attribute to this influx of online romance, one of which being¬†Cuffing Season. Cuffing Season, which takes place around the winter months, is when online dating members are most likely to meet and start relationships with other single people.

The tendency to re-evaluate one’s life and consider what makes them happy and how they are going to achieve this is another consequence of New Year fever. For many people they might want to start a new and exciting relationship alongside the new start they’re making in their life. Online dating and Toyboy Warehouse is the perfect place for them.

For Toyboy Warehouse, January has a notable difference in how members interact with each other.

  • An average of 43% more new members join in January.
  • 4x as many messages are sent, which means members are significantly more likely to get replies.
  • Three times as many dates are organised and relationship numbers more than double.

Find out why Toyboy Warehouse is the place to be this January for yourself.

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