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Ask Tanya | Tanya’s New Year Message

Happy New Year to you all and maybe just maybe the year got off to a good start with some of you finding romance though I have to say the same was not happening for me but I remain optimistic!

And optimistic is exactly how we should all be. The start of a new year heralds the start of another chapter in our lives, another chapter for meeting new and interesting people, another chapter for making promises to ourselves that we even keep, another chapter for pushing away any of those old memories that brought us distress or even tears and another chapter for going down that road to meet the love of your life

However I don’t mean for us all to live in a fantasy world where everything turns out the way it should or indeed the way we want but in a world where a little confidence, enthusiasm and energy can go a long way

The festive period not only brings a lot of joy to many but it can also mean a lot of heartache or loneliness for some. It’s a time of year when we tend to reflect on the past and wonder why yet again we’re putting up the decorations on our own when actually what we’d really like is to be sharing all the festivities with someone special in our lives. Christmas brings it home to us because Christmas radiates warmth and for some reason everyone seems to be smiling, unless of course you’re caught up in the January sale mad rush!!

It’s very much a family time of year and probably the only time family does in fact make the effort to get together so it’s only fitting that you’d want to share the moment but ladies and gentleman do not despair, they are out there because love doesn’t run to a timetable, it doesn’t run to a calendar, it runs into our lives when we least expect

Even on Toyboy Warehouse, we can skip our way through the many profiles, we can come across those we’d like to get to know more about but sadly they may not want to know more about us, we can flip past those we know won’t fit our criteria, we can dismiss others because their charm whilst endearing, leads us to believe they’re not serious or we can actually ignore everything we deem relevant and give people a chance!

If you want to find love, don’t go looking with a checklist. Look with your mind and your heart, not just with your eyes. The world is superficial enough that we forget what really matters, what it really means to be with someone who actually cares about you, who wants to be embroiled with you in happiness, who gets upset when you’re upset and is there to hold and keep you close. Your lover and your friend, not just an oil painting to be admired

On Toyboy Warehouse we have already learnt to throw the age rule book out of the window, now learn to get rid of the checklist that’s holding you back from finding someone that really could be the best thing since sliced bread!

My message to you for the coming year is to embrace life with all the energy you can muster, all the comedy you can share and most of all open your hearts and your minds to allow real love to walk through the door

Remember, a checklist may give you peace of mind but while you’re busy writing it, you may just miss the one person that could be sitting at the top of it. Open minds, open hearts = love.

Make 2017 the year to get it!!
Love Tanya x

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