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The Most Eagerly Anticipated Dating & Romance Literature of 2019 [Part 2]

If you got hooked first time, get ready for round two. That’s right, your favourite cougar dating site has put together the essential list of romance and dating literature you need in 2019. The following is a culmination of hot romance, gripping stories and lovable characters. We can’t wait to check out these novels and soon, so will you.

Minette Walters

For anyone gripped by The Last Hours, get ready for an epic conclusion to the fantastic series. In the first of the series, (also called ‘The Last Hours’),Walters confidently explored the Medieval romance genre, giving you a concrete sense of time and place. Historical romance differs from traditional romance as it requires an expertly placed sense of space, you need to feel as though you’re actually there. Walters has done this brilliantly with The Last Hours series.

Set in the 1340’s against a backdrop of devastation caused by the Black Death, the novels follow a romantic entanglement that battles against the turmoil around them. Its conclusion, The Turn of Midnight, is set to be a powerful end to the series.

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Mandy Baggot

With feel good romance and delicious wit and comedy, Baggot is a rare author that can give you that warm feeling inside. Baggot came to our attention with Truly, Madly, Greekly, a must have for your next Summer holiday. We follow Ellen as she’s pulled between trying to come to terms with her life falling apart and her sister’s chaotic wedding planning. Flying off to Corfu, she only wants to rebuild herself in the Greek sun, that’s until Greece gives her a distraction – the handsome Yan.

Grab your suitcase, we’re making our way back to Corfu with One Last Greek Summer. We’re so excited to see a return of the hot, romantic adventures that we enjoyed so much in Truly, Madly, Greekly. Definitely one to check out.

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Kristen Ashley

Ashley has been a firm favourite of our for a while. An author with an incredible range, she’s penned a plethora of standalone novels and exciting series. Ashley is very much a romance author that perks our ears whenever there’s a new novel announcement.

For anyone unfamiliar with Ashley, a great place to start is with the thrill-ride that is the Rock Chick series. As the title suggests, the series hosts a number of kick ass rock chicks who take part in action packed adventures. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes unbelievable, but always hot, the Rock Chick series keeps you gripped never knowing what’s coming next.

Another favourite of ours is The Dream Man series. Just like Rock Chick, the series pulls no punches when it comes to hot bedroom romance. Mixing in Ashley’s skilful use of drama, comedy and character. Quiet Man is the latest in the series and we’re so excited to check this one out.

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Samantha Towle

For anyone familiar with Towle’s work, you likely know of her smash hit The Storm series – a romping, fast paced thrillride with rockstar bad boys. Towle came to our attention however with her standalone novel Trouble.

Trouble mixes the bad boy romance we know and love with a difficult backstory, adding a layer of depth to our female protagonist Mia Monroe. Damaged by abusive men in her life, Monroe seeks a way out, but finds it in an unlikely place thanks to the headstrong Jordan Matthews. Trouble is a novel that keeps you gripped by these characters, wanting to uncover more and more of their rich and enveloping backstory. Towle is an author with an incredible insight into character. She is able to build complex and emotionally investing relationships between characters that seem to jump from the page. 

For many, Towle is most well known for her The Storm series. The novels match up to their name, introducing a chaotic whirlwind of romance, emotion and rock and roll. An absolute highlight for us was the ending in 4th in the series, The Storm. Trust me, you need to read it to know what we’re talking about! We’re so excited for Towle’s next book, Finding Storm. Keep updated here.

Denise Grover

Grover is one of the most extensive writers on our list, writing expertly across a wide range of genres. No matter your literary preferences, Grover has a thrilling adventure on hand. For us, we’re in love with the Neely Kate Mystery series.

The books are an offshoot of the Rose Gardner Investigation series, which is an offshoot of the Rose Gardner Mystery series. Don’t worry, this just means there’s a lots of literature to sink your teeth into. The highlight for us has been, Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes, the first in the series. In it we’re introduced to Rose Gardner, our titular character that’ll follow us on stories across the Investigation and Mystery series. Don’t fret about being bogged down by an overly dark story, Grover successfully winds in humour and wit into a thrilling tale.

The Neely Kate Mystery series follows Kate, who was introduced to us in Rose Gardner’s stories. She was also a character we enjoyed and seeing her with her own series was such a treat. Check out the latest, Dirty Money, now.

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Melissa Foster

You may know Foster for her fantastic Love In Bloom series – a set of books that truly exhibit her ability to mix seduction and emotion into a story.

The books touch on big subjects, such as the trials and tribulations of families. It subverts expectation by introducing a number of twists and surprising plotlines that keep you hooked. It also catches you off guard with it’s funny side, causing you to laugh out loud on several occasions.

‘The Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls’ has turned up the sex factor to 11, whilst keeping the fun and easy-reading style of its parent collection Love in Bloom. Be sure to check out the latest in the series – Wild, Crazy Hearts.

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J.D. Horn

For anyone not familiar with Horn’s work, it’s an expertly crafted dive into the paranormal and supernatural world. You do need to invest a level of concentration to grasp the winding politics and narrative of the books, but when you do you’re rewarded with an intense sense of investment.

Despite the otherworldly nature of Horn’s work, especially The Witches of New Orleans series, you never feel detracted from the story. While it conjures the fantastical, you always stay grounded thanks to the great depth Horn builds for his characters.

The Witches of New Orleans kicked off with The King of Bones and Ashes, and was followed up by a favourite of ours The Book of the Unwinding. The third in the series, The Final Days of Magic, sets to continue Alice Marin’s story. Definitely one to check out.

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Anna Jacobs

Lancashire born Jacob’s is a firm favourite from our list. For anyone who’s a fan of historical stories of love and romance, Jacob’s is a heart-warming must read author.

Jacob’s came to our attention with the Rivershaw Saga. The books follow the lives of a number of characters trying to rebuild their lives during post World War 2. Everything from the small and seemingly mundane, such as rationing, to the weighty emotional chaos many of the characters face, all culminate into an expertly written set of stories. Jacobs explores the darkest aspects of relationships just as much as the positive sides, painting no relationship as perfect and mess-free.

Alongside the Rivershaw Saga, other series to check out include the Kershaw Sister Series, The Swan River Saga and, the eagerly anticipated new Birch End Series.

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K. Bromberg

Bromberg has a host of fantastic books that show off the best in erotic literature, definitely a go-to for us when we’re after a steamy literature session.

It would be difficult to list here all of highlights, but some top contenders include;

  • The Driven Series. This series was one of the reasons our attention was peaked by Bromberg, if you haven’t checked it out, what are you doing?! The story follows Colton, a high-flying casanova, and Rylee, a young woman rebuilding her life after a difficult past. With fully developed characters that are difficult not to relate to, you root for their relationship to develop, despite an ever-present dark history looming.
  • Everyday Heroes Series. Bromberg has an ability to mix passionate and seduction with a thoroughly emotional story, one that keeps you invested. The Everyday Heroes Series is no exception, with one of the most favourite central characters we’ve had with Emerson/Emmy.

We’re so excited for Bromberg’s latest series Wicked Ways, be sure to check it out on launch day.

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Kristen Proby

You may have heard of Proby from the fantastic With Me in Seattle series, most notably the explosive start to the series with Come Away With Me.

Come Away With Me has been a firm favourite for us, definitely a go-to for a hot, sexual story that holds no bars. The central couple don’t hit it off at first. Luke accuses Natalie, a professional photographer, of being paparazzi even though she has no idea who he is. But that introduction doesn’t stop a sensual romance developing.

The With Me in Seattle series continues to go from strength to strength, with Fight With Me, possibly one of the hottest male leads we’ve seen in a while, and Play With Me, which cements this series as one that follows men who know what they want, and they’re not going to stop until they’ve got it.

The Romancing Manhattan series started with the fantastic All the Way and we’re eagerly anticipating the second in the series; All it Takes

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Sabrina Jeffries

Jeffries work mixes the historical world of lords and ladies, royalty and family, with a seductive central relationship. Out of the many historical romance authors, Jeffries’ work towers with its uncanny ability to build worlds. Necessary for any successful historical romance story is a tactile settings, one that you can close your eyes and imagine enveloping you. Jeffires work does just that, with the most notable being The Hellions of Halstead Hall series, a firm favourite of ours.

We’re super excited for Project Duchess, which seems to be echoing many of the same themes of The Hellions of Halstead Hall, a dark secret past and reluctance to see that what is in front of you. Be sure to check out Project Duchess.

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Devney Perry

We first had our interest peaked by Perry with the fantastic Jamison Valley series, especially its introduction and Perry’s debut, The Coppersmith Farmhouse. Despite being a debut, this story shows an author who understands the craft and knows how to write characters. Even after finishing The Coppersmith Farmhouse, it had us yearning to return to the sweet central romance. Despite their rocky start, it’s a relationship that had us bursting with joy.

We thoroughly enjoyed the first in Perry’s other series, the Maysen Jar. Again Perry makes it so you can’t help but fall in love with the main romance. A story full of love and emotion bursting from the pages. That’s why we’re super excited for book 2, Letters to Molly.

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Jennifer Probst

Where do we start with Probst? If you’re short on time and can only read one series this year, firstly, you need to find more spare time?! Secondly, the Marriage to a Billionaire series may be a perfect option. It’s definitely our favourite from Probst.

The first in the series, The Marriage Bargain, is a story we’ve seen before but done in an interesting way. Billionaire Nicholas Ryan needs to find someone to marry to keep his wealthy status. He offers Alexa McKenzie an interesting ‘proposal’ – a fake marriage. As you can imagine, things don’t go to plan.

Probst is an accomplished author and by reading her work, you can see that very clearly. She has a writing style that exudes confidence, seductive without being smutty, sweet without being soppy. Marriage to a Billionaire is an explosive, hot series, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg of Probst’s work.

The Stay series keeps this confident writing style whilst adding heaps of sweet and heartwarming story. This series has been thoroughly entertaining and we can’t wait for the next in the series, All Roads Lead to You.

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Jay Crownover

If you haven’t heard of Crownover’s work before, you’re missing out an author of unabashed, tantalising literature. Crownover’s extensive back catalogue of hot romance and even hotter male leads is a treat for any reader. Our standout favourites include:

  • Downfall, and not just for the cover! Downfall is a standalone series that follows Solo and Orly as they explore a blossoming romance, all whilst Orly’s dark past threatens all she cares about.
  • The Marked Men series. Definitely a favourite of ours because it doesn’t just settle for an erotic story. Don’t get us wrong, it’s got eroticism by the bucket load, however Crownover doesn’t let that be the only jewel in her crown. Each story’s ending sticks with you well after it’s finished, displaying a level of emotion and authenticity that’s sometimes rare to see in the genre.

Crownover’s latest book Justified (Loveless) will be released June 25, 2019 and we can’t wait!

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