Cougar Town Pilot Review

by Debbie Carter

The first thing we have to mention about Cougar Town before we go on is the title. Yes, the title is awful. We’re imagining the title decision wasn’t the fault of the shows creators, more a stunt to draw in interested viewers. The best thing to do is put the terrible title to one side and appreciate the show as it is.

On watching we approach the age-gap relationships issue with a light, non-critical eye. It doesn’t spoon feed us the idea of a cougar, what she represents nor are we wrapped in a ethical dilemma of older women-younger man dating. The cougar lifestyle is simply the accepted lifestyle, it’s what’s going on around our protagonist’s, Jules (Courtney Cox), head.

The resounding positive point is the casting. The director Bill Lawrence, who has also directed and written Scrubs which also featured Courtney Cox for a short stint, made fantastic choices in who to cast and the performances are at times hilarious. Cox’s manic behaviour rests against co-star Christa Miller’s deadpan performance. Lawrence also wrote the episode alongside c0-writer Kevin Biegel, together their work is definitely enjoyable if at times a little samey.

Other parts where the shows suffers include the supporting actors, the soundtrack and the throwaway narrative. Of course, no one’s going to be watching Cougartown for the plot but at times it seems the story is just there to facilitate Cox’s wacky performance.

Production credits 

Production: ABC Studios, Doozer Inc., Coquette Prods.

Creator-writers: Bill Lawrence, Kevin Biegel

Co-executive producer: Kevin Biegel

Producer: Thea Mann, Randall Keenan Winston

Executive producers: Bill Lawrence, Courteney Cox, David Arquette

Director: Bill Lawrence

Director of photography: Andrew H. Rawson

Cast: Courteney Cox, Dan Byrd, Christa Miller, Busy Philipps

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