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Coming back to Toyboy Warehouse
Yes, I’m back. I always say that I won’t be, that I’m going to do grown-up dating, get a sensible boyfriend and have a ‘proper relationship’. But really I should just sit down and have a cup of tea until the feeling passes… Recently I wondered why it is that I even bother to say […]
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Holiday romance
Just got back from a long weekend in Mallorca.  My knees ache from dancing until 5 am every night, I am sunburnt through what’s left of my St. Tropez. and I’m feeling a little bit like the cat that ate the cream… I went out there for a long weekend with one of my dearest friends.  […]
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Bastian Dash
Okay, there comes a point in every Toyman’s life… Remember that? Me sat on a beach almost three years ago pondering the onset of an unfulfilled future, well romantically anyway. And look what went on to happen next; the quest for a third way, a Hamletesque guilt trip over shags I should or should not […]
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Cougar cartoon
Gentleman – if you are expecting this to be The User’s Manual complete with useful diagrams for those tricky complicated parts– disappointment for now. You will have to wait until Volume 2.  Ladies first after all… So what do woman want? Well – if I am to take seriously the spate of articles I have […]
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Its been a pretty busy few months since my father passed away.  And to be honest, since I put The Man out of my life, I thought it was time to take a step back, not date anyone, age appropriate or otherwise for a while. You know, just enjoy being with the children, having a […]
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