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Blood on the Sand


Wendy Salisbury, one of our TBW members, has just published a novel!

Her first novel, after the bestselling THE TOYBOY DIARIES, is set in the vividly evoked and heady atmosphere of 1960s Spain.

BLOOD ON THE SAND is a highly entertaining, raunchy and fast-paced drama as young Cassi Samuels sets out from swinging 1960s London into the arms of El Macho, the leading bullfighter of the day. From innocent virgin to abused wife living her life in the eye of the media, Cassi faces tragedy and the ruin of her dreams.

High in emotion, the story takes us on a roller-coaster ride through her life and loves in the heat and dust of Andalucia.

This remarkable novel is inspired by Wendy’s own romantic involvement with the iconic matador El Cordobés. Wendy came to be part of his circle when she was acting as the Spanish interpreter for Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins then working on the biography of El Cordobés:  ‘… or I’ll Dress You in Mourning’.

BLOOD ON THE SAND is a fictional imagining of what might have been had Wendy stayed in Spain and married her matador.


Wendy was also interviewed about her love of all things Español for the Independent. You can read the article here

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