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Ask The Experts: “It’s my first date with a cougar’

It’s Keith’s first date with an older woman. He hasn’t got a clue where to go, what to do and how to act. Can our cougar and toyboy dating expert Gaynor offer some helpful tips.

I’ve got my first date with an older woman planned in a fortnight’s time… every date I’ve been on is with someone my own age. Does dating differ when it comes to cougars?

Gaynor walks us through the most important things you need to consider when dating an older woman. Like any other date it’s important to be calm and collective. ‘Keep things simple’ says Gaynor, ‘find somewhere you’re comfortable, maybe do a littleĀ reconnaissance’. Should you do in for the first kiss?0 what is it vital to do before you actually go on the date?

Check out our latest Ask the Experts video for all the answers.

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    Heh, my first date ended up in a hotel with a full night of sweat.