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Admin Update: TBW Changes

Dear All,

As many members would have noticed, Toyboy Warehouse has started making some very exciting changes to the website. Here is exactly what’s happening and the plans over the coming weeks.

All new Premium

This week we have totally changed our upgrade packages to be simpler, more powerful and provide better value than ever before!

Instead of previously choosing between Silver and Gold, we’ve combined the two to create the all-new ‘Premium’ package.

Premium members can enjoy full access to Toyboy Warehouse and use our new simple subscription system giving full flexibility to control their membership from the logged in homepage.

Find out more about the new user permissions here.


New Look Design

Next week you will start noticing gradual changes in how Toyboy Warehouse looks.

After speaking to many members, we’re excited to be giving TBW a little nip and tuck in the form of easier navigation and a more friendly design.

TBW’s facelift will be an on going process over the coming months and as always we look forward to hearing your thoughts.


More Members

As well as working with several press agencies, we have placed a much stronger focus on advertising to new members.

We’re pleased to see new sign ups double within just one week and excited to continue to extend our campaigns over the coming weeks.

Keep an eye out for new members in your area.


Better Matches

We’ve been tweaking our matching algorithms to bring you more and better matches. This is a continued effort and we will soon be introducing a new and exciting way to discover more people on Toyboy Warehouse. Keep your eyes peeled for this in the next few months.


New Mailing System

We are in the process of switching our email provider to offer you more control over the emails you receive. Sadly, this week we have been experiencing technical issues hence the reason for the delay in this update. All users will be emailed a full update as soon as the system is back online.



We’re making a continued effort to provide the best possible experience for our members. We are currently improving our messaging system and chat facility. Although this is a large technical undertaking we are treating it as a priority.



It’s been a while since our last official Toyboy Warehouse event. After speaking with many members, it is obvious that people are keen to start meeting people on and off the site.

We are currently planning events in London, Essex, Birmingham & Manchester and would love your help! If you are in either one of these locations and have any ideas or would like to get involved please contact [email protected]


We really appreciate the continued support from all of Toyboy Warehouse’s amazing members. Thank you.


All the best,


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