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Toyboy Warehouse - 10 Things I Took 40 Years To Learn

10 Things I Took 40 Years To Learn

When I was younger I always hated hearing the words: ‘If I knew at your age the things I know now…’ Well?? I thought, can’t you just tell me?!

Now I’m 40, I know what this phrase really means, but I still have some words of wisdom to share. Hear are the 10 most important things…

1. It’s OK to be wrong

When we were in our teens and twenties, even our thirties, it was uncool to be wrong, and embarrassing. Now I know it’s inevitable, and that’s just fine.

2. It’s OK to be alone

Relationships and friendships in our younger days seemed all-consuming affairs. If we were ever alone, it meant the relationship/friendship was failing somehow. Now it’s a sign we’ve grown and trust the relationship. It’s also OK not to be in one at all.

3. It’s OK to say no

Being unable to say no as our younger selves set us up for unnecessary unhappiness. It’s always OK to say no.

4. It’s OK to be immature

In our teens and twenties, we were always trying to prove that we were adult, so immaturity was frowned upon. However, in our forties, we know that we still have a long way to go and a lot to learn and it’s fine to admit that.

5. It’s OK to be grown up

And it’s ok to act in control of your grown up self, if you are.

6. It’s OK to be playful

After all, playing is good. The older we get, the more we realise that children know so much more about enjoyment than we do.

7. It’s OK to rest

Yes, it is acceptable to rest and do nothing. Our teen/20/30 year-old selves would have been better placed to learn that years ago.

8. It’s OK to be right

Pretending to be wrong to keep the status quo, or keeping silent about it when you’re right, is people pleasing. In our 40s, we’re starting to learn what a waste of time this is.

9. It’s OK to shine

We were all made to shine in our various ways, yet so many younger people hide their light. People need to see your light, so go ahead and shine!

10. It’s OK to be children to our parents

To our parents, we will always be children. That can be annoying, and it can be wonderful. Especially when we need a cuddle.

What have the years taught you? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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