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Zettai Ryouiki

The Male Sex and The Absolute Territory

Here at TBW HQ we often used to get men uploading pictures of their headless torsos (and sometimes a few other dismembered body parts, hem hem!) We had to put up a notice next to the photo upload section telling people that this type of photo would not be approved, and now it is a rare occurrence. This was 99% a male habit, which highlights the difference between male and female sexuality as described in a recently published book A Billion Wicked Thoughts – what the world’s largest experiment reveals about human desire.

“The male brain is designed to be more visually responsive to sexual stimuli than the female brain. Male arousal itself relies on two structures located in the subcortex: the amygdala and the hypothalamus. These are tiny structures that operate without conscious awareness. The amygdala is responsible for emotional responses. The hypothalamus is the engine of sexual arousal. In studies where both men and women viewed pornography, the amygdala and the hypothalamus were activated more strongly in men. This is the case even when women report stronger arousal than men (which happens infrequently). Together, the amygdala and the hypothalamus urge a man to pay attention: wow, look at those curves!

“Visual cues trigger desire in men. If a man’s brain decides a picture is arousing, he swiftly experiences physical and psychological arousal. Men’s greater sex drive may be partially due to the fact that their sexual motivation pathways have more connections to the sub-cortical reward system than in women. In other words, what you may have long suspected is true: men’s brains are designed to objectify females. This objectification extends deep into the mists of prehistory. The famous 26,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf statuette, hand-carved by a Cro-Magnon in Paleolithic Germany features GG-cup breasts and a hippopotamal bottom, but no face. Many adult sites targeting men focus on female body parts: lips, feet, bottoms, eyelashes, bellies, legs and breasts.

“Most women find such clinical portrayals of anatomy to be unappealing. But men’s brains scrutinise the details of arousing visuals with the kind of concentration jewellers apply to the cut of a diamond. Consider one of the most popular sexual visual interests in Japan, zettai ryouiki, translated as “the absolute territory”. The absolute territory is the band of skin visible between a woman’s  skirt and the top of her thigh-high stockings or socks. “The socks and the skirt are usually darker shades than the skin”, explains one fan from the blog Anime Desho Desho. “Therefore the skin is the light at the end of a tunnel, gleaming in the aura of brilliance. Always seek the light!”

“Fans of zettai ryouiki categorise the bewitching strip of skin into six different types, ranging from grade E (too much skin and too much skirt) to grade A (very thin strip of skin and very short skirt.) Fans spend hours measuring the skirt to skin to stocking length on a wide variety of zettai ryouiki images in concordance with a “golden mean”. According to one blogger’s laborious calculations, the most sublime ratio for [skirt length]: [skin length]: [length of sock above the knees] is 4:1:2:5. Another fan says ‘memorising this formula is as important as knowing the first 30 digits of pi.’ “

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