The AA man

When people see that I am a member of Toyboywarehouse, they presume that I have always had a predilection for younger guys, but I would never have even thought that a younger guy would have been interested in me. That’s if I hadn’t had that car emergency about 6 months ago.

I was driving to work one evening, it was raining, and suddenly my windscreen wipers stopped working. Panicked, I pulled over, rang my break-down recovery company, and waited to be rescued. After about half an hour the welcoming orange flashing lights appeared behind me and a guy got out. As he approached my car I thought ‘wow’, just my type, tall, dark haired, not that I could see much as it was pretty dark by this time, but things were definitely looking up!

I explained the problem and he said that it was probably just a fuse and he could fix it within minutes. My heart sank as I was envisaging a long drive in his van back to my house with warm coffee and all sorts of things happening. Any way, little bit of flirting going on and there was definitely a connection, but as promised he fixed it quickly and went to leave. On leaving however, he produced his card with his mobile number on ‘in case I needed further assistance’. Did I need further assistance? God yes! A bit of background, I’d had a 10 yr relationship with a guy who shall be known as ‘the commandant’ (draw your own conclusions) which had ended and since that had not had sex for over 8 years so yes I did need assistance. Well, once I had got to work and told my friend she more or less made me text him to say ‘Thank you so much for rescuing me etc and if you are ever out my way be sure to pop in for coffee’. This was well out of my normal comfort zone by the way. Surprisingly he replied straight away and so began a series of texts back and forth until a few days later when he said ‘Can I ring you?’

So we started chatting on the phone until one day I innocently asked ‘How old are you by the way?’  He was 22 yrs old. Me being 44 thought great, we were getting on really well and I figured that’s just typical, I meet someone nice and they are way too young. He wasn’t bothered at all however as he had previously dated older women and preferred them. After my initial shock we arranged to meet at my house. The day came and he arrived, I opened the door and immediately thought ‘Oh god he’s far too young’. But we got chatting again and I warmed to him. We went into the kitchen to get a drink and I turned around and suddenly was in his arms. We started to kiss and my god, was it the 8 year hiatus, was it him, but it felt like a switch had been turned on in my body after all these years. It was the most gorgeous, sensual, amazing kiss I have ever experienced. We stood there for ages, just savouring each other, and then he picked me up and carried me upstairs and the rest I will leave to your imagination. We spent the rest of the day in bed, talking, getting tea, snacks, talking, kissing, it was a perfect day.

When he went, we arranged another date and I watched him drive away feeling like a million cobwebs had been blasted off! Several texts and phone calls later and it was still going well. Then a few days went past and nothing, which was odd. Then a call. His ex girlfriend (who he had just finished with prior to seeing me as she had cheated on him) had been in touch and told him she was pregnant, saying it was his baby. I was gobsmacked, upset, gutted, you name it. Being the older mature person I told him that I would step out of the picture and let him make up his mind as to what he wanted to do. Whilst this was going on I had friends telling me ‘Oh he was just using you and this is his ‘get out card’ so he doesn’t have to contact you again. Or ‘If you want him fight for him’. But I stayed away; I would get the odd text here and there saying ‘Haven’t forgotten about you, still getting my head around things’. Eventually I got the text I was expecting which simply said ‘I have decided to go back to her for the sake of the baby’.

I thought, well ok. I guess I’ll never know whether he was playing me or if this was the truth. I put the whole thing to the back of my mind and forgot about him.

Until a month ago.

Working at my computer in the late afternoon I heard a van pull up outside, didn’t pay much attention then there was a knock at the door. I glanced out the window and there was an AA van. Puzzled, before it could even register I opened the door and there he was. ‘Hiya was in the area so I thought I’d stop by’. To say I was a bit shocked would be an understatement but we carried on with small talk and I invited him in. Finally I asked the big question about his ex girlfriend and the baby. Turns out it wasn’t his, he found out a few weeks ago by looking at the dates the doctor provided, as she had been very cagey about them. Unbelievable.

So I said ‘Oh does this mean we can start seeing each other again?’ and he replied ‘Why do you think I am here?’

And the kissing commenced.


By Janey

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