Enforced Celibacy

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Man at the beach
Tragic, but it happens. Sometimes we go without. For a few months in my case. I suppose there are various reasons why this awful state of being can come to pass – being a lighthouse keeper, being forced into a convent (although I’m sure those nuns sometimes… sorry, I mustn’t lose my train of thought…), […]
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The Rebound
Whilst men have been dating younger women forever, a woman dating a younger man is still a relative novelty, a theme explored in new movie The Rebound starring Catherine Zeta Jones. The term ‘Cougar’ has recently been coined which I’m not sure has helped as it has rather predatory connotations for older women ‘preying’ on […]
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Its been a pretty busy few months since my father passed away.  And to be honest, since I put The Man out of my life, I thought it was time to take a step back, not date anyone, age appropriate or otherwise for a while. You know, just enjoy being with the children, having a […]
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