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Bastian Dash
They say you never forget how to ride a bike…    Mind you I was a late developer on that score; I’m ashamed to say it took me a few formative years longer than I bet it did most of you to kick the stabilizer habit. Still, once I found the guts to finally risk a […]
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Holiday romance
Just got back from a long weekend in Mallorca.  My knees ache from dancing until 5 am every night, I am sunburnt through what’s left of my St. Tropez. and I’m feeling a little bit like the cat that ate the cream… I went out there for a long weekend with one of my dearest friends.  […]
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Single Dad dating online
I’m a father. I’m a dater. I’m a pigeon-hole hater! (how very Steve Miller Band!) Some background information:I have a son, who shall be 6 years young on Wednesday (at this age, age is anything but a number -how he and I differ so!!), he’s a glorious human being.  His mother and I broke up before […]
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