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Gaynor Evans Blogs for Toyboy Warehouse
Having just read another article referring to the Blogger ‘Plankton’ and how she finds herself middle-aged, single and apparently at the bottom of sexual food chain, I am again amused and bemused by how she is finding it “out there”. It sounds sad, lonely and bloody awful – and I have to say the complete […]
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Dating after 40
This news article, by Suzanne Harrington, appeared in the Irish Independent on August 13th. As it’s a great piece of writing, and very insightful, we thought we’d share it with you: ‘On July 2, an anonymous blogger calling herself The Plankton uploaded her first post. The blogger, a middle-aged woman, says its title refers to […]
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Seriously, no matches, not one… That’s what happened when I searched one of the more typical dating sites. Yes, I know, curiosity kills. It was an experiment, it’s important to know all your options before making a decision! Well, now I know.   The thing is I don’t think what I am looking for is […]
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