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Bastian Dash published!


Former TBW contributor and “Toyman” About Town Bastian Dash – whom we last heard had set off into the cyber-sunset in search of more tales for his memoirs – has recently released the full account of ‘how it all began’ in his new ebook @lter Ego:

If you could change the way you are, would you? And what do you think would happen if you did? And how would you accomplish such change in the first place?

My tale begins when I was ordinary, and when the internet was a bit younger (just a bit) than it is now – before the prevalence of social media, and before online dating became the norm.

Once upon a name I was merely your average chap, the proverbial ‘nice guy’ who never got the girl, who simply plodded along without being that great shake in whatever grand scheme, and who played best when playing it safe.

And then one night I met a pole dancer… and after that debacle fate would bring me to an online chat room, and a new name. Suddenly change was a real possibility, although a different sort of change to that which was simultaneously being pursued by friends and colleagues as you’ll discover.

But I didn’t just confine such change to my online persona. I took it offline too. And once I did that, everything really began to change.

For the better though? Well I’ll leave that for you to decide…

The ebook @lter Ego’ by Bastian Dash is now available on Amazon for both Kindle and Kindle App readers priced £0.77. You can also catch Bastian on Facebook or follow him on Twitter at @bastiandash.



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