Give the gal a break…

I can’t quite believe the furore that’s arisen over Sam Taylor Wood’s
recent announcement of her pregnancy with 19 year old Aaron Johnson.
There’s been an awful lot of outrage, disgust, and sour grapes spewed
all over the internet.

Seriously though, what’s the problem? They are in a long-term
relationship and are engaged, just like many same-age couples expecting
children all over the world. She’s made it abundantly clear that it was
him, and not her who proposed. Having fought cancer not once, but twice,
Taylor-Wood is notorious for living in the moment, and has the money in
the bank to take care of herself very nicely, should the relationship

What really peeves me is the people who pass judgement without
knowing the couple. Who’s to say Johnson isn’t 19-going-on-40? Hollywood
seemingly makes people either grow up fast, or languish in an extended
childhood. Hollywood is also notorious for being extremely fickle, and
if they are both two grounded people who have not bought into the fake
 showbiz lifestyle, they may well be a pair who weather the storms,
finding solace in one another amongst the fluff and façades.

And of course, the most vocal are all portraying Taylor Wood as the
one with, depending on what you read, mental issues, a perversion for
young boys, and as a generally malevolent force who has somehow coerced
Johnson into the relationship, and now trapped him by carrying his

Consider this: Some guys just like older women. I know people don’t
like to hear it, but I also know my husband only ever datedone younger
woman before we met, and it only served to reinforce his understanding
that younger women weren’t for him.  I know when I met him, I worried
that, at only 23, he couldn’t possibly be ready for marriage and to
settle down.

I was wrong.

What two grown adults choose to do, so long as it’s legal is,
essentially, nobody else’s business, and I for one  only wish them well.

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