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Mandy | Toyboy Warehouse Ambassadors

Starting over after a 20-year marriage is never easy. When Age Gap Love documentary star Mandy separated from her husband, online sites were the easiest way to dip her toe back into dating again. But, as the messages came in from progressively older and older men, her heart sank. She forced herself to get ready to settle until a good friend intervened.

“I showed her a pic of a guy I had been chatting to online. He seemed like a nice, decent man and was keen to meet me. It was clear to my friend, however, that I wasn’t over-enthusiastic. She took one look at the pic and said, ‘This guy is not for you, you need someone younger. I’ve heard about this website called Toyboy Warehouse, I think you should register…’

I was very nervous. My confidence in attracting men after being married for 20 years wasn’t great. Especially young attractive men, but she made me do it. The rest is history.”

Her confidence, once deflated by her breakup, blossomed again. Toyboy Warehouse became an avenue for her open, youthful spirit and helped Mandy move into a completely new chapter of her life.

“Without question, the best bit has been the unexpected discoveries that TBW has brought into my life. It’s refreshing, it’s exciting and it makes me feel very grateful to be ME. I can look in the mirror and say “I like myself and I like where my life is leading”. It makes me feel like anything is possible and anything could happen at any time. I LOVE that!”

Dating younger men has brought Mandy alive. “Yes, it makes me feel young, attractive .. it absolutely brings out the best in me and I’m not going to lie, I LIKE feeling like that.”

But the biggest impact Toyboy Warehouse made in Mandy’s life was an unexpected one; friendship.

“I have made genuine new friends, both male and female. I have a proper social life now. I have people I can relate to and who understand me. I never came onto this site expecting to befriend women yet I have, and they’re amazing women. I have some fantastic young male friends in my life now, too.”

What would she say to others in her previous position? “I would say to any other woman who wishes to date younger men – go for it. The guys are all unique, some will be more suited to you than others, some will respect you more than others. Just be the most fabulous woman you can be, remain open minded, don’t expect too much and you will no doubt be very pleasantly surprised!”